Audrey in the Agave

There’s something happening inside my brain that’s manifesting outwardly in trips to Ikea and marathon feng shui-ing of my home, garden and new blog.  Is winter coming?  Is my nesting instinct and enthusiasm as much a sign of a difficult winter to come as the stripes on a woolly bear?  Whatever winter brings I feel ready to embrace it with a new place to sit in what I used to call my “studio” and spankin’ new $15 metal shelves all over the house.  Bring it (winter, I mean) on.

I still haven’t put the garden completely to bed but it also hasn’t completely frosted here yet.  I haven’t seen any bees (I haven’t been looking) but if I did they would be enjoying the last of the weedy nicotianas that have dominated my garden.  The Swiss chard is still lovely to look at and cook up.  And what would the aphids eat if I took out the cabbage?  I guess I’m not quite ready for full on hibernation – even if I am already in my pajamas.

Bright Lights swiss chard

2 thoughts on “Nesting”

  1. I know just what you mean. Time to spruce up the inside now that the outside is hiding under leaves.

    Rearranging is one thing and tidying is totally another! – I guess that should be next on my list… (plus I really ought to do something about those leaves.) -kris

  2. Hey! Nice to meet the “Kris at Home”… I didn’t know about this blog until you left me a message on mine. It will be nice to follow along here, too. 🙂

    And I don’t think that your nesting instinct is a harbinger of a bad winter at all, Kris. After all, didn’t you just get married? That brings out the nester in most of us!

    Kim, I didn’t really know about this blog either until mere moments ago… Thanks for coming by! And, damn! Nobody warned me about the get married = need to nest thing. Yikes, mikes I actually dusted today. -kris

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