Dog Walk Gardens photo of the week 11-21-08

a solarium in the historic district

This just about the most ideal little greenhouse in Bristol.  Alas, it’s on the east side of the house and it isn’t mine.  Otherwise it would be perfection, obviously.  I would decorate it with plants rather than paper pumpkin heads.  To each their own.

2 thoughts on “Dog Walk Gardens photo of the week 11-21-08”

  1. I would be happy with a heated garage! gail

    Gail, that’s first on Z’s list too but I don’t think for him it’s about extra plant storage… kris

  2. Maybe they would want to move it. After all, pumpkin heads can sit on the step.

    Well, it would look quite nice attached to my little house and maybe if I explained to them that it’s not fulfilling its destiny as a greenhouse in its current location… -kris

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