Dog walk photo of the week 12-2-08

It’s inevitable that if I go for a dog walk without my camera, there will be things that cry out for their picture to be taken.  The next walk then turns into a version of the Memory Game.  Where was the house with the front door decorated with an easter egg wreath and halloween stickers?  And I’m still trying to figure out where the “best house in Bristol” is.  I loved it for its windows and rabbit warren nooks and my memory has turned it into a place that I suppose doesn’t even exist anymore because I can’t find it.  But I was able to re-find the gnarliest tree I’ve ever seen without too much trouble . (I’m pretty sure it’s a linden.)

the gnarliest tree in Bristol

Do you ever forget where you left a landmark?

4 thoughts on “Dog walk photo of the week 12-2-08”

  1. I do it all the time. I need a camera implanted in my forehead, I guess. Love your blog!

    It’s reassuring knowing I’m in good, albeit slightly lost periodically, company. And thank you!! -kris

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