Why we didn’t get a Christmas tree

Christmas lightsI had a little trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  Could be because I didn’t once watch The Grinch, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, The Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life.  Could be because I started singing Christmas songs in September with a community chorus and the carols all invaded my head as earworms.  Could be because we put colored lights in the front window last Christmas and liked them so much that we never took them down.  Could be because we didn’t get a tree.

K and Z’s Top 10 reasons for not getting a tree:  (yes, thank you, Mr. Letterman’s list writers)

10.  kittens

9. being green. (although most Christmas trees are sustainably farmed and go back to the earth as slightly acidic town compost)

8.  laziness

7.  expense.  (although we know where to find the $10 cheapies)

6.  our decorations are under a significant pile of books and plants.

5.  kittens

4.  it’s a fire hazard when you leave the tree up until Easter.

3.  the dog might mistake it for “outside”.

2.  Where would we put it?  There’s a chair there…  (Do you all know about my thing for chairs yet?  Another post perhaps.)

1.  kittens

Given how the kittens have taken to certain houseplants like the aspidistra and the cyperus (subject of a future post), Z and I didn’t think we’d cope especially well with a fallen tree in our already crowded living room.  It’s not that we don’t like giving Audrey and Pigeon things to play with – we definitely do and I’m more than willing to sacrifice any non-toxic plant.  But a Christmas tree loaded with ancestral ornaments seemed like too extravagant a gift for our first year together.  So the kittens are sleeping on tissue paper, chewing on ribbon and we’re wondering was that Christmas just then and we missed it?  Thank goodness there are 12 days – there’s still time to send out cards (I probably won’t though) and get totally into it.  Merry Merry, everyone!

(Donations have been given in everyone’s honor to Heifer Project, Southside Community Land Trust, Amnesty International, the Nature Conservancy and WRNI)

7 thoughts on “Why we didn’t get a Christmas tree”

  1. Those are some GREAT reasons for not getting a Christmas tree! I have a cat and a dog, but don’t have the problems you mentioned…however, I can see that those things could be legitimate issues!! As far as getting into the Christmas spirit, I have to FORCE myself into it. After decorating and baking I ‘usually’ manage to feel something Christmas-like. This year was a bit difficult, however…and it’s hard to believe the day has come and gone. I have only baked ONE type of cookie so far, and keep telling my family ‘today I’ll make more, I promise’ but I still haven’t!! Well, Merry Christmas anyway! Jan

    Jan, There are 12 days to Christmas so I think you must be in good shape re. spirit and baking! Thanks for visiting and letting me know I’m not alone in having to catch up to speed. Merry day day 4! -kris

  2. It does take energy to put up the tree but, oh, the serenity it provides! No kittens here! Love that picture. Next year….

    Layanee, I’m not sure about serenity – I bolted one family household as they started to put up the lights with the traditional bickering and in the other all we could do was guffaw at the ugliness of some of our favorite ornaments. Next year…! -kris

  3. We avoided it as long as we could (i.e. until our daughter started begging for one). Cats do love to climb trees – I remember ours as a kid tipping the tree over at least 10 times before my grandfather finally bolted the tree stand to a huge sheet of plywood! That didn’t stop the climbing, just the tipping over. Love the earworm comment – I do music too and get them all the time! Right now it’s any of about 8 different movements from “The Messiah.” Happy tree-less Xmas!

    Thank you! That’s a great tree story! If we do a tree next year maybe we’ll preempt the tipping… And I’d take Messiah earworms over any of the twee crapola we sang this semester! (I’m switching communities.) -kris

  4. Hi Kris,

    A most excellent post! We have an artificial Palm tree and bought a real tree for our son…who loves them! But I never remember to turn on the lights and seriously, he won’t notice there isn’t one next year! I totally recommend the Palm Tree…it comes already lit…multi colored lights! It would look good all year and the cat could use it as a scratching post…it has a real wood trunk. Happy New Year!

    Great tip, Gail – I’ll keep my eyes out! -kris


  5. y’know, I find that those strings of indoor lights make a great and dog-safe place to hang the favorite ornaments. Did it 2 years in a row since we traveled for Christmas and a tree would have been wasted. Nice glow-in-the-snow picture 🙂

    Thanks, Lynn! I don’t seem to have trouble finding places to hang ornaments (out of kittens’ reach of course) and my favorites are, like the lights, up all year! -kris

  6. go kittens! how could you keep them from having fun? We did less decorating this year too. no animals to blame, but participating in craft shows gets most of the blame right next to what you have down for #8. came via blotanical

    Greetings, Wayne! I think the kittens are having plenty of fun. Audrey is, at this very moment, squeaking inside the aspidistra. Doesn’t get much more fun than that. BTW, I’m not sure you can call yourself lazy if you’re doing craft shows! -kris

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