A small hope for the new year

Zeke and Nino in the snow gardenI’ve taken a lot of photos at work that I’m inordinately proud of but I’ve taken very few of my own garden that I like at all.  The only reason I’ve saved any of them is to, optimistically, use as “before”s.  There’s always some flaw in a wide angle shot that makes me cringe – things that can be overlooked except through a lens – a giant invasive weed, a plant in the wrong place, an expanse of lawn.  But during the snow storm on New Year’s eve, I took some pictures of Zeke and Nino cavorting in a corner of the garden, and not only do I love the pictures for the subject (pure joy), but I think they’re the best pictures I’ve ever taken of the garden itself.  (I admit to adjusting the exposure and levels slightly – ok, a lot.)

we all love snowI like that the bright whiteness of the shed doesn’t make it stick out like a thumb.  I like that the caryopteris is a graceful sculpture that doesn’t appear to be sitting on top of the lavenders or anything else in that bed.  There’s a hint that I like of permanence, structure and summer shade in the tree branches.  And I love that the lumpy, thistleful crab-grass lawn doesn’t exist at all.

My hope is – and I guess it’s a bit of a new year’s resolution (I had previously resolved to not be resolute) – that I will take another picture of that corner of the garden – or any other corner for that matter – that I like as well when it’s not obliterated by snow.  I’m saying it out loud and that means I’ve got to get busy.  To turn the garden from a cringe inducing embarrassment into something I’m proud to photograph will take paint (before the dogwood and lilac bloom and leaf out), planting – a lot of planting, editing and time.  But the snow has shown me the potential for proud and I resolve to do it.

full speed ahead

Have you made any new year’s resolutions – inadvertantly or otherwise?

7 thoughts on “A small hope for the new year”

  1. My only resolution is to be happy with Enough! Enough…whatever.
    Happy New Year, Kris…your family looks beautiful in your absolutely perfect yard!

    Gail, that’s a great resolution! Thank you (perfect though? -maybe in terms of it being “enough”, it is!) and happy New Year to you too – kris

  2. That is a dog that loves playing in the snow! What fun!

    Truly! Even breaking a dew claw didn’t slow him down. -kris

  3. Love the snow pics, those are two happy creatures out there! And you, behind the camera with your hopes and plans for the future. I can see how it would be hard to garden all day for $$ and then come home and still have energy for your own plot. Maybe you could work an exchange with another garden pro, you do their place to their specs and they do yours to yours?? Until it all takes shape, just enjoy the snow and squint when it melts. I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think!

    That’s a very interesting thought – it’s always more enjoyable to, say, wash dishes at a friend’s house than my own… But it might still seem like work – and I’d feel much more obligated to not be half-arsed about it. Don’t know, don’t know… ! Squinting might do the trick. -kris

  4. I love those photos. I would have concentrated on the two warm beings had your words not turned my focus to the plants and the structure you create. It’s all beautiful.

    Thank you, Kim and thanks for visiting! Stick around and I’ll eventually show the garden as it really is (beauty may be in the eye of the beholder)… -kris

  5. Nice snow pics, Kris. What a cute pair!

    I recently posted “before” pics of parts of my new yard that I’m not happy with, and readers really responded to the honesty and, ahem, ugliness. So don’t be afraid to keep it real, Kris. You’ll fix those areas in time, and then you’ll be able to show us the beautiful “after” pics.

    Thanks, Pam! One of the reasons I started this blog was to try and stay on task in my garden – I figure I’ve got to follow through if I’m telling the world I intend to… And yeah, I’ll do my best to not edit the ugly in the “before”s! -kris

  6. There is pureness in those pictures, Kris. A garden has to start from somewhere and you have such talent there is no doubt about the evolution of this space. It will be wonderful. New Year’s Resolutions? Lose the potty mouth. I give up on all the others which are so difficult. This one I can cure!

    Layanee, Thank you for the vote of confidence! As for the potty mouth – instead of losing it (I’d have trouble with that though I TRY to be good around my niece and nephie), maybe just get creative – I have a friend who says things like “oh shovels!” and “Rabbits!” in place of $#^+ and *%&! … -kris

  7. the last pic of Nino reminds me of a plastic-character-seesaw-ride thing mounted on a huge heavy coil spring for little kids to play on… just without the spring, or little kids, or really bad fast food. or prolly i’m just crazy.

    prolly. and yet… -g

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