This little piggy went to market

me buying cheez, yoThe farmers market is one of the best ways to get fresh veg and support local farmers, stimulate the local economy and basically save the world with a radish and a zucchini. So where in SamHell am I supposta get tasty greens in the winter? I could go to the box chain supper-market and get some nice GMO’s shipped thousands of miles, yeah – or not, so it’s off to the winter farmers market.  local vegOn a balmy winter Saturday, I think it topped out at 30° in the sun, really nice – no seriously, it was a beautiful day – K and I headed out to Providence (Pawtucket actually, but let’s not split hairs) for some nice indoor farm fresh. The place was packed, how cool was that? – all kinds of vendors, fish, cheese, veg, live music, and yes, pigs…in the form of tasty sausage. And so many people shopping:  Old hippies with gray hair, young punk rockers in red doc martens, hipsters in tight jeans, art students in paint splatters, yuppies with babies in fancy strollers – all saving the world, or more importantly helping to ensure that I can get fresh food locally. So back at home, with week’s worth of veg, a martini in my paw and creme brule cooling on the counter, and snow predicted to start any second now, it’s been a very good day.  -Quick note, crème brûlée impresses the hell out of company and is wicked easy to make.

ring it up, sonyuppies and hippies and hipsters - oh my!

Z’s crème brulée

4 egg yokes

1 1/2 cups heavy cream

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

(all organic ingredients if possible, obviously.)

Wisk yokes and sugar until smooth (pale).  Add vanilla and wisk in cream.  Strain into 4 4oz ramekins.  Bake at 300°for 45 minutues in a water bath (ramekins in a glass dish filled half full of boiling water) or until jello-like in center.  Cool to room temp. then refridgerate for at least an hour.  Before serving, dust a thin coat of sugar on top and get out the blow torch.  Bon appetit!  Z-

4 thoughts on “This little piggy went to market”

  1. Yum to the creme brulee. I made that once, or maybe it was creme caramel. You’re right, super impressive and not as hard as it looks. Nice indoor market! I think that would make me go more frequently, not having to freeze my ass off outside to get the veg.

    But you’ve got and outie that’s almost an innie if you follow the touristas to Pike Place. Just think, veg, fish, flowers and Emmett Watson’s for lunch… (hope they’re still in business! -It’s my first stop next time I visit.) -kris

  2. Kris: I have GOT to get to that Farmer’s Market! Also, let’s just keep the creme brulee a secret concerning its’ difficulty. I usually make it for a crowd with a dozen eggs but I like this little recipe. Is this the calorie free version?

    Layanee, I can assure you that not a singe calorie died for this dessert. And you can make it even when you don’t have company – wahoo! -kris

  3. two thumbs up for supporting farmer’s markets. we got spinach, squash, garlic, shallots, apples, milk, and whole wheat pasta at one yesterday. all made/grown in PA

    mmm mmm that’s fine haul! – we’re going back to ours today for a whole chicken and more veg. -kris

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