Frigid air

It’s freezer-ish out and fridge-ish in.  Especially out in the plantry.

The outside temperatures have been forecast to plunge into the singles and inconceivable negatives for windchill or “feels like” temperatures for the next and past couple of days and I’m a little worried (a lot, a little) about the poor kids out there.  Yesterday morning I got up at 4am when the howling wind woke me (an hour before the alarm) to make sure they weren’t all frozen.  — As if I, barefoot in my bathrobe, could have reversed the process at that point.  (My great-grandfather, so I’m told, was just as nutty.  Plant Anxiety is a hereditary trait.)

Orange in the east.  Lavenders and geraniums featured.There is a heater running – an electric oil filled radiator – when I remember to turn it on.  Lately I’ve been leaving it on even on sunny days just in case there’s too much crème brûlée in my evening and I might forget.  And yesterday Z stopped at Ace is the Place on the way home for some clips and hooks so that I could hang dog blankets in front of the drafty crappy doors for a little extra assurance.  blue for the west door.  Ponderosa lemon and agave featured.(I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the latest trend in home decor and I’d leave the blankets up indefinitely but the dog might protest.  He’s been very generous though, so far.)

But that’s my only plan for this terrifying temperature dip.  I have no back up.  If the power goes out, those plants could become icepops in a matter of hours.  Hours that I’d most likely be spending down the road making sure more important plants don’t die.  It’s ok.  I’m resigned.  I love my kids but almost everyone in the plantry is an orphan from work – I’ve already given them a second chance; a third might be too much to ask.  And mostly it’s ok because it would be a lazy gardener’s nightmare chore to move them all inside – especially after my trip to Logee’s.  It was difficult enough to find flat surfaces for a few 2″ cuttings – where the fershlug would I put the enormous lemon or the agave?   It’s so much easier to cover the doors with dog blankets and hope for the best.

In honor of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol of May Dreams gardens, here’s a list of what’s in bloom at Champignon (that’s our fancy name – means mushroom, yo – for the house and gardens):  Pelargonium sidoides, Pelargonium – something scented and variegated – maybe ‘Apple’?, Lavandula dentata,  a new Begonia from Logee’s – ‘Candlelight’, an old Begonia maculata var. ‘Wightii’ or “Polka dot” from Logee’s and an aphid ridden African violet.  Everybody but the begonias and African violet are in the plantry.

Pelargonium sidoides in full bloom

Stay warm this mid January and worry free (unlike me)!

8 thoughts on “Frigid air”

  1. Sorry you are worried about your “kids”! Do you lose power a lot? My folks tend to, even though they are in suburban Seattle, and we never do for some reason just across the lake (jinx). Hope you keep the radiator running the the dog blankets up until the crazy temps subside! We have an old/drafty house and we have to wear hats to bed sometimes even with the heater cranked!

    We don’t actually lose power often (knock wood) – it’s just knowing that it would be difficult to keep from freezing if somebody had the bad luck to slam a car into a pole or something just now… I’m very good at inventing worst-case-scenarios! Hats to bed, huh? That sounds like the house I grew up in! -kris

  2. Kris,

    I have said a kind of goodbye to any plants that do not make it through this arctic blast. We haven’t any snow cover so it’s possible that they may be goners! On the other hand…they may be happy under the leaves I’ve left on all the beds!

    I do hope you don’t have to make any midnight runs to Blithewold and that your kids will be safe.


    Thanks, Gail — so far, so good. I hope you don’t suffer too many losses in your garden. Though I know you’ll see it in the pragmatic light of new planting opportunities! -kris

  3. Brrrr… I feel for you. No not really. It got down into the teens during the holidays but nothing like what you’re experiencing. My fingers are crossed that all will be well with your kids.

    Thanks, Grace! So far, all’s well and in my book teen temps are just as scary as the singles (it’s only been just under the doubles here – 9°is the lowest I’ve felt so far. -kris

  4. Good luck on keeping the power for the Champignon Plantry, Kris. (don’t remember enough French to know if Champignon Plantré would be more appropriate but it kind of looks cool.)

    If Plant Anxiety is inheritable my gardening kids are in big trouble.

    Happy GBBD!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    Ooh Annie, I like “Plantré”! And I’m pretty sure plant anxiety is genetic because my adopted kittens and dog show very little regard for my plants. Nature wins out over nurture in this household. -kris

  5. Urghh. No basement? I don’t have any plants overwintering in ours, but it would work since it shouldn’t freeze down there (or it would take longer). I DO feel for you. The sun’s out so I’m about to take Bud for a longish afternoon walk. Cabin fever’s getting to us all. Take good care.

    Thanks, Lynn. No, I do have a basement and a couple of things are dormant down there… And I really shouldn’t be such a wuss – I’m sure it’s much much colder where you are! -kris

  6. In spite of my fatalistic air and ‘They will live or die attitude’, I would worry also! You have tucked them in well as any good mother would and I have high hopes they will be fine!

    Thanks, Layanee. I just checked the hi-low and it dipped to 37° last night but yesterday’s high was 75° (I left the heater running because it was still chilly when I left for work). I think you’re right and they’ll be fine – they just will be confused about whether it’s time to grow or sleep! -kris

  7. I’m trying to stay warm and today it actually got above freezing, which is a vast improvement over the past two days. I hope everyone is doing okay in the plantry (I love that name).

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

    Thank you, Carol for hosting GBBD and for taking the time to visit the plantry. Everyone is doing fine! -kris

  8. […] took precedence over other (less important, obviously) house projects. Where previously there were sheet-metal “storm” doors and dog-blanket breeze-baffles there are now actual doors with latches, double-pane glass and weather-proof seals around all of […]

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