Snow master

pulled to Juniper HillI like to think that, as a gardener, I get my workouts by actually working out.  This time of year though, I’m not out so much as in on the couch and I’ve only gotten my heart rate up occasionally by walking the dog.  Today I even worked up a sweat.  And it gave me an idea for …

The Trudge Mill™ – a Full Body Core Strengthening Exercise machine.  Step into knee high weighted boots one size (at least) too large.  The weight of the boots is adjustable to represent the depth and density of snow anywhere from a 4′ drift of fine powder to a 6″ deep wet slush.   A tension knob controls slip and slide offering a core balance workout with an option for unassisted, hands-free trudge or, for added challenge, an adjustable weight loop with random tug feature.  To achieve a full workout, wearing no less than 4 extra layers including balaclava is recommended.


6 thoughts on “Snow master”

  1. An excellent idea! My abs are getting a workout from laughing! gail

    Oh good – you’re using my patented Laugh-O-Matic. Feel the burn! -kris

  2. My fingers are working out a lot this winter, typing blog comments. Otherwise, not so much. And I don’t even have snow as an excuse anymore! Enjoy your couch time, you’ll be out in the gardens before too long!

    Thanks, GW – I will at least try to tone these finger muscles more in the meantime! -kris

  3. This is a great remedy for the couch potatoes among us. (Me!)

    Remember, no pain – no gain! (wait, that doesn’t really make sense, does it?!) -kris

  4. Too funny, Kris! I could actually go out and walk in the snow at this time of year!

    Well, if we got 9 or 10″ in the last dump, you must have gotten at least 3′! Happy trudging! -kris

  5. if you hadn’t TM’d it I would ne doing an infomercial this evening.

    I started the horticulture program when I was a mere 35. as the springs arrived year after year, I noticed I was lagging more and more. My students were not getting older at the same rate. So three years ago we joined the Y and now I try to keep fit enough so that I can hit the garden running (with pickax of course)…

    Wayne, when we go into production I’ll make sure the CEO hires you to be the spokes model! -kris

  6. If I’m imagining this thing correctly, I think it would be cool to have Z show it off on an info-mercial like that guy that does the ‘Gazelle’ ad. Now that would be cool!

    I’m kind of envisioning a trio (you, Z and Wayne who has also expressed interest in advertising it) in the background – I’ll be spokesmodel, obviously. -kris

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