Taking my own advice

show off before the move insideYou know the adage “do as I say, not as I do”?  I’m the worst.  I did a little research for my post at work about citruses which pretty much confirmed what I already knew.  I am a plant slayer.  And I don’t like to take my own advice because it’s generally tedious or time consuming or otherwise inconvenient.  I have been keeping my ponderosa lemon orphan out in the plantry because it looks good out there showing its fruit off to the neighbors and because it would take up too much room inside.  I knew it was the wrong place for it.  Citruses, as I reminded myself the other day, can take temperature dips into the 40’s but prefer to winter at about 60°.  The plantry’s average nightly temperatures are in the 40’s but sometimes drops into the scary low 30’s like when I forget to turn on the heater or when it goes into the single digits outside – which has been a fairly frequent occurence this winter.  kittens help with leaf washingAnd the lemon doesn’t look so good.  Although, since I’ve moved it to the livingroom, scattering lemons, branches and leaves in my wake, I’ve decided it looked a lot better before.  Now it will be a daily reproof sitting sickly at the end of my couch, taking up half of a much darker room and plagued by horticulturally fixated kittens who don’t realize just how thorny the thing is.  But what’s a plant junkie to do?  I can’t bring it back to the greenhouse – the only reason I have it is because we don’t have room for it there.  And I can’t put it out in the very cold to die quickly.  The only thing to do is to do as I say, not as I do.

3 thoughts on “Taking my own advice”

  1. I’m horrible at taking my own advice too. I don’t blame you for wanting to show off your lemons! On a cold winter’s day, I’d probably stop dead in my tracks if I saw that in someone’s window. Hope it survives the temporary cold shock and the kitteh’s attentions.

    Thanks, gw – It’s too soon to tell but at least it’s not dead yet! We got out the squirt bottle yesterday to try to dissuade the kittens from molesting it. They like water though… -kris

  2. Dear Kris, You just have to forgive your plant vanity and not do it next time;-) Can you put your heater on a timer or even a temperature related timer? Surely there is such a thing! That would really help? The biggest problem I have is lack of humidity~~ it just kills the plants. gail

    Gail, a timer is a genius idea. (a no-brainer even. I’m a dope.) A temperature sensitive one would be great! And you know… the more plants you have, the higher the humidity. I’m just saying! -kris

  3. This post speaks to me…kindred souls and plant slayers unite! This mornings’ walk revealed some bulbs (I think they are muscari) which did not get planted this past fall but in spite of the neglect were sending up little green shoots! What a treat to find these as I potted them right up and hope to see flowers in a couple of weeks. If only I had time to just garden…oh well, I have more time than most so I am grateful.

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