All things being equinox

new fern growth - a hitchhiker in the lemon (my jungle)I know I’ve said this before – recently – on the other blob – but I totally heart spring the very best of all.  I’m not sure I can quite explain it.  Spring affects me viscerally with a blood thumping adrenaline junkie sternum grab.  It’s the new growth that does it.  I’m hooked like it’s all crack for my eyes and I can’t. ever. get. enough.  It makes me wring my hands like when I windowshop shoes.  I want to watch it like a movie.  I want to memorize it.  I definitely don’t want to miss a single second – that, in particular, is a torture whenever spring chores make me nappish.Tulip curl (my garden)

Spring stepped up to Bristol’s door jam right on time for the equinox all nighter.  I don’t have any early bloomers (besides chickweed) in my yard so Nino and I have been borrowing it from other peoples’ gardens.  I think I might have to add some early spring to my garden plan – which, by the by, is all discombobbled from what Z and I were envisioning last week.  I appreciate Rob’s advice (in a comment on the last post) to “live with a place for a while” and now that I’ve lived with stick outlines of beds for a week, I can be sure they’re not perfection.  More on that later.  Meanwhile Happy Spring!

crocus deliciousness (not my garden)eye on the dogwood buds (my garden)

(Are you as hooked on spring as I am?)

5 thoughts on “All things being equinox”

  1. This post cracked (ha) me up. Ditto the title. Yes, I am a spring junkie too but I also have a soft spot for fall. Winter and summer, not so much… guess I am a transitional seasons gal. Love your close-up of tulip foliage unfurling. Eh, you may not think your bed shapes are perfect, but you can always modify later, right? I spend way too much time deliberating and then nothing gets done. Maybe better to do it and maybe get bits wrong than ponder too much. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself! Happy Spring to you too.

    mmm fall… (plus summer is pretty awesome too)! And you’re right about future modifications and my rethinking has been sort of about that. I want to keep my options open. But I’m definitely going to break ground (or at least cover it in newspaper and compost). -kris

  2. I do love spring but the spring of late April when the light is diffuse and the buds are breaking. Early spring….wet and cold but holding promise. I too, love your title but then you always say things with eloquence! 🙂 Happy spring.

    Layanee, doesn’t March seem like the longest month ever? Looking forward to April – happy spring to you too! -kris

  3. I’m with you on spring! By far, my favourite season ~ everything seems new and bright. The emerging foliage holds such potential and always makes me smile. All those textures and crinkly leaves ~ can you tell my garden is still covered in a thick blanket of snow? I’m getting impatient to see my garden!

    Kate, I hope by now you’ve gotten a glimpse. -kris

  4. Oh, do I ever love spring…It never lasts as long as I wish it would…Next week it will be 70 degrees…way too warm and without the tree cover the dafs and spring ephemerals just don’t last. gail

    Gail, enjoy every second you get with those ephemerals! -kris

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