The fleet

On our walk this afternoon, Nino and I watched the first sailing lesson/race of the season in the harbor.  He nudged me and said, “Check it out, sails look like crocuses. Crocuses look like sails.”  Which reminded me: This little flotilla appeared the other day by our front backdoor as if they had been blown there by a favorable wind.Spring surprise!

Spring has arrived at Champignon!

4 thoughts on “The fleet”

  1. “front backdoor” it’s too late. I am sure it makes sense.

    Yeah, I meant it. See, it’s the backdoor but really the one we use as a front. Plus, of the two backdoors, this is the frontest. Totally clear now, right? Actually, technically, it’s a side door… -kris

  2. Hooray for the flotillas. I love sailboats and crocuses both, how nice that you are seeing both and that spring is finally arriving.

    There’s just no denying it anymore! -kris

  3. It’s clear to me…after all I have a wayback backyard and our front door is our side door! We all know that front door really means main entrance! Pretty crocus! gail

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