Spring is happening so quickly now – all of a sudden in the middle of a downpour – that I’m afraid if I blink I’ll miss it.  On Friday the grass was still brownish.  By Sunday, emerald green.  I meant to post these pictures last week and procrastinated, thinking, “There’s time… spring hasn’t really sproinged yet… I’ll do it tomorrow.”  And tomorrow. And tomorrow…  So without further ado and before more spring has made its jail break, here’s old news:  The first open daffs in Bristol – blooming in captivity.abandoned daffs bloom first

A suburban snake out of hiding for a sunbask on our wall.

I know where you live

Epimediums getting dressed for the party.

embryonic epimediums

I think part of what I love about spring is that it comes out against all odds.  It seems so delicate yet it’ll bust right through pavement.

I think I prefer unintentional accidental to carefully planned.

Is spring busting out all of a sudden in your garden too – or have I missed it?

6 thoughts on “Outie”

  1. Oh wow, those are great! Love the garter snake and that daffodil sure bloomed against all odds. Those blade-shaped leaves can squeeze in anywhere, I guess! Your photo of the epimedium gives me hope – I was looking for mine today and didn’t see it, it is usually evergreen so I worried it was dead. I’ll try not to give up hope yet. Saw lots more busting out today, nothing too fancy but just moving right along. Hooray for sproinging spring!

    GW, have you cut back your epimediums to reveal the newbies? I usually wait too long and end up decapitating buds… I can just imagine the fragrance in Seattle right now – the smell of spring there is like nowhere else. -kris

  2. Snake warnings should be pre-posted. I hate when they startle me and then I find them so intriguing. Yes, the grass has turned overnight to that lovely green…that is where the bare patches are not! I like the word ‘sproinging’ also. Against all odds is a great title and fits spring to a ‘T’. Making up the rain deficit this week I think. Stay dry with no soggy bottom! 🙂

    Layanee, Your vernal pool must have filled up by now? I’ve got one down cellar now… But no more soggy butt – what was I thinking working out in a downpour? -kris

  3. Kris…It is in full swing here in Middle Tennessee…we are gnashing our teeth and whining about the freeze warnings for tonight…A zone 7 garden has it’s down side! Love the snake shot. I am glad they are in the garden, but I never get to see them! Maybe that is good…we have poisonous snakes here. Gail

    Gail, I hope you didn’t have any frost damage – I’m watching the buds on my magnolia wishing they’d stay tucked for their own sake a little longer… And I don’t think I’d want to regularly see poisonous snakes in my garden either (shiver)! -kris

  4. spring is happening and the garden is being patient for me to show up ;’)

    Wayne, A patient garden is a good garden – I think that might be a theme for my next post. -kris

  5. Where are you Kris? Looking for more of your stylist prose! Vernal pool is not as full as it should be. Must be like the economy!

    Layanee, believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten a few things done outside! (Inside is another matter entirely. But it’s spring, right?) And now back to the blob but there’s almost too much to say at this point… Can’t believe that about your vernal pool – there was so much rain – when was that?… -kris

  6. I know what you mean! Winter took so long that we could wait with the pics, but every day something new is coming up around here! But I’m bummed–everyone has snakes but us 😦 Considering that Buddy puts everything in his mouth, that could be a blessing.

    Lynn, Nino and I spotted another snake this weekend sliding across one of the new beds. He was actually ok about not eating it! I love that we’ve got snakes – there are some great places for them to hide. Though I have a friend who would probably never set foot here if she knew… -kris

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