A whole ‘nother year

the sideyard with shed. It always looks extra cool in the snow. I’ve been wondering lately about the blog and my apparent abandonment of it. I like having it, at least in theory, as a sort of record of (a)musings about the garden. I just looked back at last year’s new years post and can say now with some certainty that my resolutions. as per usual, came to a fair amount of naught. But I like being able to look back on my intentions. It’s good to remember that I had intentions.

I have intentions this year too. Some of them are the very same. I still haven’t painted the shed. And I will. Probably. Sometime. I should. (I shed, even.) But I feel a shift this year to the front of the house. I don’t like what I see in front. Part of that is, when I walk or drive up to it, I see the house itself and it’s a “mid-century” ranch (I love that that’s the description given in the NY Times for ugly things built in the 50’s-60’s. “Mid-century” makes it seem so vintage-cool.), sheathed in white vinyl with red plastic shutters. So some of what’s got to change is a little beyond my ken. But we discovered a leak in the ol’ roof and since Z will have to take a week off in spring to re-roof, he agreed to also think about re-siding, starting with the front, around the same time. And I will think about paint colors if weathered shingles, à la Nantucket, are beyond our means. I’m leaning towards dark black-ish, but can anyone steer me in a more colorful direction?

As far as the front-yard garden goes, I intend to open it back up after having closed it with ginormous plants (remember the crazy-ass grass?). The Mimosa tree (which is, in fact, dead) will come down (hopefully soon) and I’ll make more garden in front that might include a sort of open area somewhere around the (tree) stump. I’m letting go of my front-porch desire. We just can’t do that yet. And I’m thinking of jumping on the veg bandwagon after all. The more I think about food, the more I want to grow it myself and if I do that – order seeds and everything (beets!) – the food will have to live cheek-by-jowl with the ornamentals, front and back.

It's not all black and whiteAs far as the blog goes, I’d like to keep doing it too. Part of my hang up is pictures. I love the pictures I take at work. I don’t always love the ones I take away from work and so I don’t post them. And then don’t post anything. Will it it be possible to have a garden blog without any pictures? Should I even attempt such a creature? I’m not sure yet. But it’s another whole year, I have a gin martini in my paw, and anything goes right now, so we’ll see. (And meanwhile we had snow, so I have some pictures.)

Are you giving everything an annual new year’s re-think too? Happy Happy, by the way! And thanks for keeping this little link on check list…

3 thoughts on “A whole ‘nother year”

  1. Happy happy, and happy to find you here in the haven’t-yet-figured-it-out club/The Undecideds. You’re ahead of me in posting about the rethink. I haven’t even been outside since new year’s day, except to dig out the drive & go pick up Bud from the kennel on 2 Jan and to dash to the bus for work today. Perhaps this is winter’s gift: time to rethink, hunker (drink) & intend. I intend to get a new year’s post one up of these days. I like seeing new posts from you ’cause I know you’ve given them some time to percolate, so keep on taking your time (and order those beet seeds!). (P.S. I think it’s ok to have less-than-perfect pics. Not having them delays/disuades me, too, but I look around and see it doesn’t stop a lot of folks who seem to have a lot of fun anyway. I’m going to try a little of that.)

    Indecision loves company – and so does percolation! And of course you’re right – less than perfect pics are perfectly fine and we shouldn’t let them keep us from posting. – Now I’ll have to think of another reason for not posting! (There’s always laziness… and my personal favorite reason for not getting busy – “there’s a cat on my lap/dog on my feet.”) I’ll look forward to your next post – whether it’s a re-cap, re-think or a link to your/my favorite musician’s best tune… -kris

  2. It must be hard to keep up with two blogs, Kris, esp. when you post so frequently on the work one. I do think pictures are important for a garden blog, but a post can easily be made on one picture as illustration. Look at May Dreams Gardens, for example. Her garden blog is writing and idea driven rather than photo driven. Maybe you could switch over to that format for your home garden blog?

    And I understand the house dissatisfaction you’re feeling. My home is not mid-century but 1970s era, and it lacks charm on the outside too (although I love the inside). I wonder if simply getting rid of the red shutters, or repainting them, would give your house a face-lift?

    Pam, I wish that a facelift could be so easy! I think I will start with the shutters though because they’ve just got to go! And your advice about the blog is spot-on too. The one at work is really picture heavy (because I just can’t help myself!) but I started this one thinking that it would be for all of the things I couldn’t *write* at work… Thanks! -kris

  3. Funny, I was just thinking about you today because I saw that Blitheworld’s summer party for the bigwigs made the NY Times’ “Best Parties of 2009” list in the society column! I’m glad you are at least thinking about returning here, you would be most welcome and I hereby encourage you. I like your wry take, it’s not so common here in garden blogland where everything can be so nicey-nice at times. I hope you take that as a compliment! Hey, my garden photos aren’t always that inspiring but it’s fun to keep trying. Two words: macro setting! That way you don’t see all the large-scale issues that keep you from putting pics up. Maybe? Cheers!

    Thank you! I’ll definitely take “wry” as a compliment! (Would there be any other way to take it?) And your photos are plenty inspirational – I actually remember meaning to do more neighborhood photography and critique – I love that about your blog. And of course macro is the very best setting for making the unbeautiful truly sublime. Alas my current configuration of camera, lens and operator means I can’t get as far up the noses of plants as I’d really like … -kris

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