Fait accompli

It’s like a whole new old potting shed – windowed by Z while I was visiting Dr. Seuss’ neighbors and painted before the lilac leafed out! (and we did the garage too)

I grew up in a white painted house and just thought that’s what color houses should be. But now I’m growing older in a garden and have come to a different conclusion about what color the house should be: almost anything but white. White does nothing much to enhance or frame a view, especially a limited one – art gallery walls are rarely so stark. White objects hover in the dark and demand sunglasses during the day. I just couldn’t squint at my garden for another season. I hemmed and hawed over every color in the Ben Moore fanbook and finally settled on a couple in a fed-up-with-myself minute before going to the paint store (Waterbury green and Normandy). And of course I regretted my choices the instant I placed roller to plywood. But I didn’t have to second guess for long. new dogwood blooms (2 weeks ago)For once I got it right the first time. The way the turquoise sets off the chartreuse of the new leaves is sublime. And it’s lovely against the red of the tumbledownbarn next door and even plays nicely with the neighbor’s banana yellow and brown split-level.

Three new-to-us windows, one in the shed, 2 in the garage/shop change the whole feel of the garden too. Vast blank spaces are now muraled in patterns of darkness and reflected light and Z busy at his table saw. The new perspectives visible from inside show almost more on the outside. –Which is saying something because being inside the shed now is a total treat. I might even decorate.

5 thoughts on “Fait accompli”

  1. our house is made of red bricks, which I refuse to paint white, even though I have seen that look.

    Wayne, I applaud your decision to let the bricks be bricks. Brick is a lovely color in the garden. -kris

  2. The colors are nature at its’ best….well, the hand of woman is in there too but great choices. I would expect no less from you with your artist’s eyes.

    Thanks, Layanee! I was a little worried at first… but now I love. (I still don’t love the electric Martha Stewart in the plantry… I definitely don’t always hit it right.) -kris

  3. Kris, Great job on the colors…I think that is t a tough job and always put it off until I am forced to…In fact I’ve just kept the house the same Gray Milano trimmed brick house it’s always been! gail

    Gail, You wouldn’t believe all of the back and forthing I did picking the colors. If I could have left it the way it was, I would have! -kris

  4. smiling a turquoise-colored smile for your new views. A man with a table saw is mighty handy in the garden! It all looks like it was just meant to be.

    Thanks, Lynn – & no doubt about it, I’m a lucky woman! (next post will have to be about the chairs Z just made…) -kris

  5. What a great topic…paint colors to compliment the garden. Awhile ago we wanted to change the pergola color (was white) and experimented with a celery/dill green shade. First we painted the dead Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ to see how the color would compliment…and marveled that it worked….I love your turquoise, though..

    Kathy, That’s too funny about painting the tree – should I remember that you did that? I do love the color you chose for the pergola and I was this close to picking a color just like it – but might do it for the house instead! -kris
    p.s. – what a treat to see you here!

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