Good neighbors

My neighbor, Walter is on a bender again this weekend blaring his four early 60’s vintage albums and I’m extremely wistful for all the good neighbors I met last weekend in Buffalo. I wish my friends and fellow garden bloggers lived much closer to me than the distant interwebs. I also wish that I lived in as sympathetic a neighborhood as the cottage district in Buffalo. In my neighborhood, all we seem to inspire in each other is increased volume. So (with thanks to Lynn for introducing me to the music) I’m here with all of my people. Turn it way up.

I miss you guys!

7 thoughts on “Good neighbors”

  1. It was a really fun weekend, wasn’t it? I have lovely neighbors, luckily, but it would be great to have *gardening* neighbors too. I’m greedy that way, after seeing what a bunch of gardening neighbors can do in Buffalo.

    Buffalo gardeners really are inspiring… And it was so good to finally meet you! -kris

  2. So cool that you got to go! I’m super jealous. I need to go read up on who was there and what you all did. Sorry about the loud neighbors, that @#()$*& can drive you insane. Maybe you will eventually inspire others in your neck of the woods to be more considerate and create more beauty in the world. One can hope!

    Maybe wishful thinking works – he was only obnoxious one weekend day instead of two. And the rumor is that next year’s fling is in Seattle – see you there! (I hope) -kris

  3. I harbor the same wish, but I’m here, too!

    Thank goodness for the interwebs! Must make some virtual mojitos to cheers with… -kris

  4. Margaret and I enjoyed the garden walk once while we were vacationing. She is sleeping, so the music was played with volume low.

    Wayne, After hearing about the crush of 50,000 people that enjoy the garden walk, I wonder if you were able to find any off the beaten track? -kris

  5. I have great neighbors also so I will wish you some quiet. I guess it could be worse, rap although maybe you like rap. I only dislike bluegrass more than rap…oh well. That was such a great time wasn’t it?

    Layanee, It could be worse but I wouldn’t want to tempt the angels by saying it like that. Could be better. And lately it has been! I’m counting down the days to vacation and a visit to L and G! -kris

  6. My neighbors are far enough away that I only here them when their college age kids have a pool party~So, sorry your neighbor plays his music loud and over and over! gail Would love to see you more often

    Gail, It really is the “over and over” that gets me. I’ve thought about making him a few new cds. I might have some golden (are the 80’s golden yet?) oldies he’d like… -kris

  7. maybe you need to find a way to show a feed of the above video on your garden wall, REALLY BIG, and blast it loud… maybe it’d scare your lovely neighbor off, or at least make them think twice about what s/he’s blasting. then again, maybe that’s not a good idea, could inspire more of the same… oy!

    looking forward to being in the same neighborhood with you all sometime in the future! garden bloggers rock… no pun intended (ha!)

    Andrea, I have considered retaliation but wouldn’t want to up the anti… We’ll rock on – quietly. Hope you visit the old stomp soon! -kris

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