So it grows

I like to think that very little time has passed since I last posted on trench but, alas, it’s been more than a year. And in that time the garden has grown. Somehow during a season when most of my free time was taken up writing a book about gardening, I gardened a little. I enlarged beds, created new ones and planted more stuff. In fact, it’s become so full – almost claustrophobically so – that I’m thinking about changing its name from Champignon to Squeezins. I haven’t kept it entirely tidy but it hasn’t been a total shambles either (the neighbors might disagree). Maybe one of these days I’ll post some pictures of the season’s highlights. Meanwhile, the best rose ever, Rosa mutabilis continues to bloom it’s head off in a chilly November, after a storm.

Every time I’ve thought about this poor old abandoned blog I’ve wondered if it could be resurrected or if it should just die quietly. I still haven’t decided. But until I do, I’m going to practice posting again, now and again. Stay tuned. (Or not.)

2 thoughts on “So it grows”

  1. Writing a book! Do you have a publisher?

    Susan! (I didn’t expect anyone to still be getting this feed!) I’m working with Timber Press – keep your eyes peeled about a year from now… -kris

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