New Year’s Day reflection

I don’t like to do the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Every time I’ve resolved to learn French or go back to yoga regularly I’ve failed to follow through. So I resolve to remain unresolved this year in order to avoid inevitable disappointment and self-loathing. But I do feel the need to mark the passage of time somehow. A look back at the accomplishments (and disappointments) of the past year on a lazy winter day seems like just what to do.

I spent so much time at my desk this past year and comparatively little time keeping the garden coifed that it rarely looked up to snuff photo-op-wise. But it had some moments. A few vignettes now and then that I kind of liked. And some plants that held their own in a sea of disarray, weeds, and seldom-mown lawn.

Tetrapanax paperifer combo with a pigeon planterVariegated stachytarpheta (porterweed) on our deckAnemone tomentosa 'Robustissima'sideyard plume poppies, hydrangea, ninebark, and flowering raspberrygarlic chives and Z's bughouseKniphofia 'Green Jade' maybe?

I have higher hopes for my garden this year. I should have plenty of time to devote to it again and I have a truckload or two of free patio slates to play with so at the very least there should be less lawn to mow eventually. But we’re also considering residing the house (which will have to be completed in stages as time and finances allow) and it looks like a sizable chunk of the front garden might get smashed, trampled and dug up to repair an underground water leak. So who knows. Maybe I’ll keep the backyard extra tidy and let my neighbors wonder what the heck is up in front.

What’s in the works for your garden this year? Do you think you’ll get to spend more time in it or less?

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