Getting ‘er done

May took me and the garden by the lapels and shook us out of our stupor. No more evenings at the computer for me (Praise be.) and no more willy-nilly for Squeezins. We got our marching orders. I wrote my latest Down to Earth column (read it here) about why it might be a good idea to follow a to-do list but even without such a thing I managed to accomplish most of what I wanted to. I’m not done by any means (lilac still wants pruning) but I feel more ready for summer now. Ready to sit back for a sec and actually enjoy the goings on of the garden. Because isn’t that part of the point of having one?

To sum up (mostly for my own record keeping if not for your amusement), I Chelsea-chopped agastache, helianthus, boltonia, asters, Montauk daisy, sedums, and I can’t remember now what else. Here’s hoping nothing totally flops come August.

I also, with Z’s generous help, removed a great deal of lawn along the garden’s edges and replaced most with bluestone dust and freebie flagstone. I didn’t have quite enough of either to finish so with any luck I’ll be able to procure what I still need before the damngrass grows back.

I have started to replant the section of the front garden that was excavated to repair a broken water line. Only problem is I heeled in a couple of shrubs in the back garden and I kind of like them there…

I also moved houseplants (most) outside where the rain and birds have already started to  clean them of their disgusting honeydew and infested-ness. I repotted the worst and started potting up newbies too for a proper container display on the deck and new stone path areas. Plus I have been remembering to keep them watered. Woot!

chives and verbascumHydrangea and ninebark about to bloomPetasites japonicus along the sideyardCampanula punctata 'Pink Chimes' and Paeonia 'Alley Cat'

But most importantly, I am enjoying the garden. I have been able to spend whole weekend days and evenings out there again and after spending every free moment last year writing a book on gardening instead of gardening, I have a whole new appreciation for how special and important that is. (Book is in design right now and I have nothing more to do with it, knock wood, until my editor sends along the page proofs.)

Have you nearly completed your list too? Are you at least feeling ready(ish) for summer? Have you sat back for a sec yet to just take in the garden and enjoy?

1 thought on “Getting ‘er done”

  1. Every year, there’s always a point for me where I give up on the weed grass battle as it gets hot and I figure it’s good enough. Not. This. Year.

    Of course, this attitude means that I’ll likely never be able to sit back and enjoy it, but something must be done.

    Susan, I’m pretty sure my next column is going to be about the importance of chairs in the garden and how we rarely if ever actually get to sit in them… -kris

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