Under the weather

front gate pile of plow poop

The garden probably isn’t as sick (literally) of winter as I am. Everything must be happy enough tucked under a nice insulating layer (or two) of snow. Except maybe the lavenders. But they have recovered from previous snow splits and if they don’t this year, it’ll just mean it’s time to replace them with the one everyone is pushing pushing pushing. Lavandula × intermedia ‘Phenomenal’ is supposed to be ultra-hardy (to Zone 4) and tolerant of every kind of abuse from humid summers to crushing winter snows. Gotta try it, obviously, either way.

I promised to give the enormous miscanthus at my entry gate to a friend and am grateful right now for the reminder to never, ever plant anything more precious or fragile right there. Exactly where my neighbor’s plow person dumps their driveway snow. Grass was a good choice for that spot – it could stand to be flattened and unlike the rest of my garden, it was never full of wildlife that might frighten off our mail carrier. So perhaps I’ll trade it for another that doesn’t grow quite so hey-yuge quite so fast.

If only we hadn’t had a run of frigid temps without snowy insulation I wouldn’t be worried about my marginals. Salvia guaranitica was just barely holding on as it was – struggling perhaps because of my lousy soil or the over-crowded conditions. Fingers crossed. Last I saw the yellow-speckled leaves of Farfugium japonicum ‘Aureomaculatum’ they looked pretty wretched and I can only hope that even in that sorry state they helped insulate the crown. I’ll be sorry to lose that one if I do. If I’m very, very lucky though, temps will have dipped low enough to slow down my rice paper plant. I would much prefer Tetrapanax paperifer ‘Rex’ to stay under 15′ tall in this tiny garden. Being knocked back to the ground every year would suit me fine.

Are you worried about anything under the weather in your garden?

2 thoughts on “Under the weather”

  1. It’s still too early to tell. Things in my alpine troughs are the first candidates as they would suffer the most from the exposure. Although, I’m pretty sure I accidentally killed a very expensive snowdrop by burying it too deep or digging it up when I expanded a bed. The thought of that is a painful one, to be sure.

    Gah. Fingers crossed it’s just not where you thought it was. -kris

  2. I just hope the big box bulbs come up. But I did get a wisteria, the native one. Virginiana? Pennsylvanica? I shelled out about 40 bucks for that and spent a chunk of time, too, digging out the cement-like medium that is our backyard to fill a hole with store-bought dirt. So that would suck to lose. But hey! I like your me theme. Lean and clean. Must re-do mine but then why when I never post? Maybe if the wisteria makes it…

    Lynn, if your wisteria is anything like mine (frutescens?) it will take right off especially with all that tlc. (Way more than mine got.) And I’m glad you like the new theme! I can’t ever seem to leave well-enough alone… But then new themes are kind of like buying a new trowel. Makes me all excited to dig in again. -kris

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