Rain date

looking out at the (flooded) rain garden
looking out at the (flooded) rain garden

April showers arrived a little early and came with flash flood warnings. It rained so many buckets last night into this morning that Bristol streets became impassable rivers and my back garden is a pond now. And it’s still raining. I spend weeks looking forward to a day like this. A day of such wretched weather that it’s perfectly acceptable to stay in pjs, make endless cups of tea, and read books on the couch. Forgetting completely that on days like this I usually feel restless and spend every minute staring out at the garden wishing I could be there instead of stuck in here. Grass is greener on the other side the window. (Literally too. It’s looking more and more spring-like out there.)

I’m making a rain date to hang out with my garden. What are you doing today?

1 thought on “Rain date”

  1. Same exact thing!

    Jean, It was quite a storm, wasn’t it?! Hope your garden (and basement?) dries out soon. -kris

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