Follow through

CrocusSpring (I mean late winter) is the ultimate reminder to follow through on promises. I’m not much good at that. I’m happy to start something – like a half a dozen drafts of blog posts – but not so good at following through (half a dozen drafts unfinished). Nature always fulfills her promise though even if it looks like there’s no rainy-way she’ll be able to. And every once in a while even I have it in me to keep my word. I’ve been promising for years to go back and visit friends and family in Seattle and my chosen flight flies Thursday – with me on it.

dogwood budsIn the garden, as per usual, I am also making promises. While I’m away Z will get busy installing a window in the shed (he has no problem with follow through). And that of course means that this year, as soon as I’m back, I have no excuse not to follow through and paint it. I intend to hold me to it. And I’m saying it out loud – again – in hopes that another public declaration will fortify my typically shaky resolve.

my goofy byline I have also recently made a commitment to write a column – bi-monthly at least – for a local weekly. Which is cool but so far, harder to follow through with than I thought it would be. (You guys are much easier to write to. – why is that? ) And meanwhile, perversely, I’m finding it the most difficult to keep my promise to this blog. So in honor of spring’s promise I’m renewing mine. Whether or not I actually follow through.

The fleet

On our walk this afternoon, Nino and I watched the first sailing lesson/race of the season in the harbor.  He nudged me and said, “Check it out, sails look like crocuses. Crocuses look like sails.”  Which reminded me: This little flotilla appeared the other day by our front backdoor as if they had been blown there by a favorable wind.Spring surprise!

Spring has arrived at Champignon!

All things being equinox

new fern growth - a hitchhiker in the lemon (my jungle)I know I’ve said this before – recently – on the other blob – but I totally heart spring the very best of all.  I’m not sure I can quite explain it.  Spring affects me viscerally with a blood thumping adrenaline junkie sternum grab.  It’s the new growth that does it.  I’m hooked like it’s all crack for my eyes and I can’t. ever. get. enough.  It makes me wring my hands like when I windowshop shoes.  I want to watch it like a movie.  I want to memorize it.  I definitely don’t want to miss a single second – that, in particular, is a torture whenever spring chores make me nappish.Tulip curl (my garden)

Spring stepped up to Bristol’s door jam right on time for the equinox all nighter.  I don’t have any early bloomers (besides chickweed) in my yard so Nino and I have been borrowing it from other peoples’ gardens.  I think I might have to add some early spring to my garden plan – which, by the by, is all discombobbled from what Z and I were envisioning last week.  I appreciate Rob’s advice (in a comment on the last post) to “live with a place for a while” and now that I’ve lived with stick outlines of beds for a week, I can be sure they’re not perfection.  More on that later.  Meanwhile Happy Spring!

crocus deliciousness (not my garden)eye on the dogwood buds (my garden)

(Are you as hooked on spring as I am?)