Spring is happening so quickly now – all of a sudden in the middle of a downpour – that I’m afraid if I blink I’ll miss it.  On Friday the grass was still brownish.  By Sunday, emerald green.  I meant to post these pictures last week and procrastinated, thinking, “There’s time… spring hasn’t really sproinged yet… I’ll do it tomorrow.”  And tomorrow. And tomorrow…  So without further ado and before more spring has made its jail break, here’s old news:  The first open daffs in Bristol – blooming in captivity.abandoned daffs bloom first

A suburban snake out of hiding for a sunbask on our wall.

I know where you live

Epimediums getting dressed for the party.

embryonic epimediums

I think part of what I love about spring is that it comes out against all odds.  It seems so delicate yet it’ll bust right through pavement.

I think I prefer unintentional accidental to carefully planned.

Is spring busting out all of a sudden in your garden too – or have I missed it?