the trench manicure

I’m not sure exactly what has inspired me to start a garden blog as the gardening season comes to a soggy end.  But here it is:  a new beginning here at Champignon, home of Nino, the Pigeon, Audrey and Z.  And I guess it’s home to me too and I’m the one with the trench manicure decorating my paws.

You might know me from another life – I work as a gardener and blogger for a public garden.  But this blog is meant to chronicle my own and will be uncensored.  Take that as fair warning for anyone with delicate sensibilities – I have a mouth when I want to use it and it can be as dirty as my fingernails.

I am often torn and a little tortured by letting myself “out” in my work blog.  I’d rather be tormented by letting too much of myself show in my own garden.  So here I am and will be – as exposed as I ever am when I’m working butt up in my own front garden.  You can slow down as you drive by and take a little sideways peek; you can stop for a chat and what the heck’s that?; or you can speed on with the radio blaring, oblivious.  I’m wicked shy but I hope to meet some of my (blogosphere) neighbors here on my own turf …