About kg

KGreen_3-18-14_rsThis picture is really old. My hair is still short but I have lately traded my street cred as a professional gardener and plant geek for an equally passionate library love. If I’m not at the circ desk chatting somebody up about the next good read, you’ll find me a.) napping, b.) walking the dog, or c.) poking around my garden in Bristol, RI (zone 6). I am lazy by nature but driven, periodically, by appearances. So, in my garden I do what needs doing the easiest way possible. I encourage wildlife and am visited by a healthy looking population of honeybees and there is at least one woodchuck that lives under the fallingdown barn next door. I love garden tools and am forever on the hunt for another perfect pair of pull-on gardening boots that look good with a skirt. (Blundstones rule.) Sometimes I write for Fine Gardening Magazine. Please feel free to read all my old posts on Blithewold’s blog, check out my East Bay/Southcoast Life columns (subscription only but mostly republished on Trench), friend me on the facepages, twitter, instagram, and buy my book, Plantiful: Start Small, Grow Big with 150 Plants that Spread, Self-Sow, and Overwinter, published by Timber Press and available wherever books are sold. I periodically check my inbox at plantiful.kg@gmail.com.

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