About kg

KGreen_3-18-14_rsI am a professional gardener and garden writer who sleeps, works, gardens and walks the dog in Bristol, RI (zone 6). I am lazy by nature but driven, periodically, by appearances. So, in my own garden I do what needs doing the easiest way possible. I encourage wildlife and am visited by a healthy looking population of honeybees and there is at least one woodchuck that lives under the fallingdown barn next door. I love garden tools and am forever on the hunt for the perfect pair of pull-on gardening boots. (Is there anything better than Blundstones?) If you have any suggestions, I may be reached at plantiful.kg@gmail.com. I’d love for you to read all my old posts on Blithewold’s blog, check out my East Bay/Southcoast Life columns (mostly republished on Trench), friend me on the facepages, twitter, instagram, and buy my book, Plantiful: Start Small, Grow Big with 150 Plants that Spread, Self-Sow, and Overwinter, published by Timber Press and available wherever books are sold.

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