I know a youtube video won’t make up for not posting about my garden or anything else in a while. But right now, this very minute, I can’t not share this little gem.

3 thoughts on “Barracuda”

  1. that was awesome… until the autotune part… why, i wonder, couldn’t she stand up?! too much planting, i guess.

    goes to show how much sound can play a role in designing a garden. folks should consider it more often, as it helps spaces become that much more memorable. thanks for sharing!

    Unfortunately I think all too often the sound designed into a garden is ringy-dingy windchimes. I’m getting used to my neighbors’ chimes but would much prefer to listen to the rustle of leaves when the wind blows. Right now though I’m enjoying the acoustics of a little rain. Music to my garden’s ears! -kris

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