Show off

If a garden magazine editor or any fellow gardener ever asks to see your garden, say, “Come on over!” even if it’s a weedy mess. Even if you haven’t watered and the tomatoes are runts, the cardoon has fallen over, and the blue fortune, or whatever the hell that thing is in the front bed that might be a weed (you don’t know), is wilted. Even if the lawn is crispy dormant (except for those weird patches of “weeds”) and your containers look like hell. Because you never know what she might see that you can’t because the weeds, wilt, and hell are in your way.

I think Michelle from Fine Gardening saw (and posted) the only truly cool combination in my garden. But I have to admit that until she enthused about it, I just thought, “oh gawd. It’s all very big and crowded…”

And I’ve been more focused on the pretty almost cool teasel combinations. I’m not sure Michelle even noticed those but then, the dotted mint wasn’t quite blooming yet…

(full disclosure: the day before Michelle’s visit, it rained and nothing in my garden was wilted. Only weedy. And she was very kind about that as most fellow gardeners would be. And that’s why you should never be scared to show your garden off.)

Have you shown off lately?

3 thoughts on “Show off”

  1. I love the photo that Michelle took. But I think that your last pic of the teasel is my favorite!

    By the way, whatcha doin’ with those bricks?

    Thanks, Kim! Those bricks have been in a pile there for quite a while… so, I guess, nothing is the answer! Any suggestions? -kris

  2. No, come on over! August has arrived with no humidity! Doesn’t it feel good?

    Layanee, the dry air felt so good – aside from the no rain part! And I’m on my way. See you week after next! -kris

  3. You know, no I have not showed off lately and I’m happy you said “Yes” to the editor and “whatever” to hell and weeds. Loving the teasel/dotted mint. My DM died. Hell!

    I’m sorry about your dotted mint. I’ve decided that it’s probably my favorite flower ever… and I’m surprised mine came back – the plants were extremely wimpy and disappointing last year. Try again! (and show your extra super cool garden off to someone already – I wish I was going to be passing through again this year) -kris

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